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    Three out of four employees report their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job.

    Can you imagine what your people are saying about you at the dinner table?

    The thought keeps you up at night, right? The transition to becoming a manager isn’t easy. You probably feel… excited, low-key terrified, overwhelmed, and lost… ALL IN ONE. You want to be confident in your ability to lead. But right now, you feel so unprepared to lead anyone let alone a WHOLE TEAM.  

    You want to transition from being an excellent individual contributor to an excellent manager, but:

    You go home every day wondering if your boss made the right decision to promote you.

    Trust me, your boss made the best decision. It’s just you weren’t told what to do!

    The lack of training is why so many first time managers, like you, feel this pressure, anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. 

    Let's change that!

    What if you could lead a dream team with confidence?

    It could go a little something like this:

    You are the manager you wish you had 5 years ago!

    Did you know that...

    60% of new manager fail within their first two years*

    50% of employees leave their companies because of their boss*

    30% of employees believe their manager lacks team-building skills*

    65% of employees say they’d take a new boss over a pay raise*

    Every single conversation failure costs the company $7500 & 7 work days*

    If you’ve been thrown into the role of manager without much warning or training then you know the struggle to find your confidence and the clarity around what is expected of you is a challenge.

    There’s so much pressure to succeed because the failure to do so means low team morale, poor performance, a lack of trust and the possibility of losing out on such an important opportunity in your career. Growth.

    Stress and anxiety shouldn’t be a part of your everyday life. I want you to avoid the silly mistakes most managers make and become an amazing leader because I know it will open the door for further opportunities.


    "Mak, this program has been invaluable for me."

    I have gained more clarity and confidence as to how to manage difficult situations, which as you know from our original call was something I was nervous about. 

    This program has helped me to grow professionally and it has definitely increased my visibility in the company as a result. 

    The practical advice, and tools you have provided have had an impact on me and my team. I could not have asked for better training. 

    Crystal, Customer Experience Manager


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    The New Manager Accelerator

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    Build Your High-Performance Team

    Need a quicker outcome?

    I’m Mak! I have a strong belief that leaders like you change lives.

    It’s so nice to have you here! Once upon a time I was an overwhelmed first time manager. Seriously, I had sweaty palms for months! I remember it like it was yesterday, I spent six months as a frontline worker. Next thing you know, *BAM*, the President of the company calls me into his office and I walk out with a new title and office. I was tossed into the role of manager out of nowhere. To say I was confused and unprepared is an understatement (seriously, imposter syndrome is real).

    New Responsibilities – Any Training = HOT MESS (ME!)

    Luckily, the company had hired an angel disguised as a VP, who believed in leadership, professional development and most of all, me. Under his guidance I was able to overcome obstacles and gain the skills and confidence to successfully lead our growing department to amazing results. 

    As I observed how the team responded to small changes, I realized that a great team starts with better leaders.

    I went from being a screw-up manager to building an entire department from scratch. I’m dedicated to teaching you exactly how I did it, plus some. Because of my experience, I am so eager and passionate about helping you build your confidence to become an inspirational leader that people want to follow. 

    Oh, and I believe in you, too.

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    The New Manager Accelerator

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    When I found the New Manager Accelerator I had recently been promoted to a manager role in a call center.  I was struggling a lot particularly with my team. I was getting daily feedback that I was unapproachable, and unsure in my answers to them. I felt like I was doing a terrible job and was considering quitting before I stumbled across your resources! 

    I have learned so much since taking this program. I feel a lot more confident in myself as a manager. The program has helped me to become a more effective communicator across the board. I’ve also been able to develop better relationships with my team, think more strategically and as a result, I have seen a tremendous difference in the way we work together and this has helped us improve our customer relations.

    Sandra, Call Center Manager

    The Ultimate Guide to Being an Effective Team Leader

    The Ultimate Guide to Being an Effective Team Leader

    Skip the 10-year learning curve with this 22 page interactive guide that will give you the clarity and confidence you need to lead your new team!

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