If I had to guess, I bet you’re feeling a ton of pressure to perform, have it all together and terrified to make a mistake. Am I right?

Let’s work together to get to a place that combines your genius worth ethic and your team’s best skills to become the powerhouse of your dreams.

Hey there friend,

I'm Mak!

Just a few years ago, I was completely unsure of myself. A brand new manager asked by the President of the company to lead a small department. I was terrified, but...who says no to the President, right? I spent my days guessing and Googling to get through the day. Losing sleep and feeling embarrassed because of a ton of mistakes that were a part of my daily routine. Asking for help wasn’t an option for me.

Eventually, I gained a mentor and my world did a 180. I was able to scale a 4-person team into a 25-person department. I developed systems to organize the team to be more efficient. I created an intentional team culture based on respect, motivation and fun. My decisions as a leader began to spread throughout the entire company and opened the door for more opportunities.

I was willing to learn and had someone guiding me through the transition which allowed me to make better decisions with amazing outcomes. 

I don’t want you to have to wait to see the incredible results that you can attain! I’m ready to help you build your confidence to become an inspirational leader that people want to follow.

I’ve had a journey worth mentioning, and have led some of the best of best teams. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been able to do in my roles:

I watched my team develop and later on take leadership roles themselves. 

My company sent me to Zappos culture camp to further develop the process I created. 

I’ve spoken on podcasts and at events about creating a positive team environment. 

My team and I were elevated to the umbrella brand so that we could influence all the other company’s in the same impactful way

I want to help you accomplish a list just like this. Being a first-time manager gives you the opportunity to build on the amazing work that got you noticed in the first place. 

But crafting excellence is not easy work.

I bet you’re feeling anything but ready. Unprepared, uncomfortable and confused are just a few words to describe the permanent pit in your stomach. No matter how many people tell you you’re doing a great job, you feel the complete opposite. 

Doubting yourself comes from not knowing which way is right or wrong. That’s what I walk you through.

Here’s how you can work with me to transform your career. 


The New Manager Accelerator

Become an unforgettable boss.

Fun facts!

I have a goldendoodle named Mango! 

Mango is my favorite fruit. I can’t live without it. The dog, or the fruit.

I love me some colour, the brighter, the bolder the better!

I have a serious obsession with FRIENDS the TV show. It's baaad.

These are the principles & core values I live by everyday.


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