• 4 Quadrants of Time Management For New Managers

    4 Quadrants of Time Management

    DOWNLOAD THE FREE TIME TRACKER HERE>>> So if I were to ask you right now where you are spending the majority of your time, what would you say? Well if you are anything like I was before I started to take this seriously, I probably would have said, I have no clue! All I know […]

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  • Building A Strong Team Culture

    Building A Strong Team

    Ping pong tables and bean bags chairs are not culture. In fact culture, or building a strong team has little to do with material things and much to do with the people. So many of us are striving to figure out how to build a strong team, or how to improve team culture because we […]

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  • Managing Older Employees – Tips for Young Managers

    Managing Older Employees

    Did you hear? Apparently right now the workforce is made up of at least 5 generations! 5 generations! That is a bigger pot than what we have previously had and while that makes for some beautiful connections, it’s certainly not without its challenges. One of those challenges includes sometimes younger staff members having to learn […]

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  • Understanding Your Leadership Style!

    Understanding Your Leadership Style

    Which of these famous leaders would you want to be most like? Bill Gates Martin Luther King Jr. Oprah Winfrey Warren Buffet There’s no wrong answer, because the truth is no matter which leader you pick, all have qualities we can relate or aspire to. Naming a leader (famous or not!) who you regard as […]

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  • 5 New Manager Tips For First Day Success!

    New Manager Tips For First Day

    Does the thought of your first day at a new job as manager make you break out into a cold sweat? If that’s the case, then know you are not alone in that feeling AT ALL.  I’ve been there too! Googling where the building is ahead of time (even though I already know) so that […]

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  • Candidate Experience Management (How To Create A Seamless Experience!)

    Candidate experience management

    Ok! So now you have you hiring processes down but you are missing just one last piece of the puzzle – the candidate experience management. The candidate experience management is ensuring that throughout the entire interview/hiring process that the candidate is having a positive experience. A lot of hiring managers and even recruiters fail to […]

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