Candidate experience management

Ok! So now you have you hiring processes down but you are missing just one last piece of the puzzle – the candidate experience management.

The candidate experience management is ensuring that throughout the entire interview/hiring process that the candidate is having a positive experience.

A lot of hiring managers and even recruiters fail to realize how important this is. 78% of candidates say that the their experience is a strong indicator of how the employer values it’s people. This means that if you desire to have the best, attract the best and keep the best, then you must put effort into the candidate experience. It is not enough to interview and hire the individual.

In this weeks episode of MakTV I will be sharing a framework that will help you with the candidate experience.

We will consider:

  • The importance of documenting the small things
  • How you can create an experience that is reflective of your team values
  • Why it’s important to decline a candidate in a dignified manner

Let’s dive in!