Team Culture

  • 3 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Team

    Team Appreciation Ideas

    I was doing some research on team appreciation a couple years ago and read this nutty case study that was done in HR magazine. ​I can’t remember the specific details – but I remember that about 500 people were asked what they needed in order to thrive in the workplace. ​Many of them listed appreciation […]

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  • How To Motivate Your Team

    Team Motivation Tips

    Did you know that companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty AND 26% greater annual revenue?! These crazy stats show that there are plenty of benefits to having an energized team! Energized + motivated employees pay off. In this video we’ll be diving into 5 important ways that you can keep your team […]

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  • Common Workplace Challenges (How To Deal With Team Conflict)

    Common Workplace Challenges

    One of the most common workplace challenges is definitely team conflict! But I mean how can it not be right? Here are a group of people coming together with various backgrounds and viewpoints. Thoughts, communication and ideas are bound to clash here and there. So it’s inevitable that you will have to deal with issues […]

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  • How To Build Trust Within A Team

    How to build trust within a team

    One of the biggest lessons I have learned as a leader is that trust is really the secret to team success. In order to have a team that truly cares and delivers outstanding results, it’s incredibly important that trust is present. I’ve talked about the Patrick Lencioni triangle before on my channel, and how he […]

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  • Building A Strong Team Culture

    Building A Strong Team

    Ping pong tables and bean bags chairs are not culture. In fact culture, or building a strong team has little to do with material things and much to do with the people. So many of us are striving to figure out how to build a strong team, or how to improve team culture because we […]

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  • Candidate Experience Management (How To Create A Seamless Experience!)

    Candidate experience management

    Ok! So now you have you hiring processes down but you are missing just one last piece of the puzzle – the candidate experience management. The candidate experience management is ensuring that throughout the entire interview/hiring process that the candidate is having a positive experience. A lot of hiring managers and even recruiters fail to […]

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  • Hiring Tips For Managers (The Interview Process)

    Hiring Tips For Managers The Interview

    Do you find interviewing for a new team member to be a drag? I know I certainly did. I think I mentioned in last weeks blog that I literally typed into google hiring tips for managers because I didn’t know what to do and where to turn. Speaking of, the other day I typed into […]

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  • Methods Of Providing Feedback To Employees

    methods of how to give feedback

    In last week’s episode of MakTV we talked about leading difficult conversations. It was a tough one. Hahaha. No but seriously, coaching and feedback is a hard one. Giving feedback effectively can be uncomfortable. Constructive feedback is a must, but it doesn’t come naturally. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news right? […]

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