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See how thought leader and Built To Impact CEO, Maya Elious created a high-performing team to support her 7-figure growing business.


Before working with Mak, I felt like I wasn’t helping my team reach their full potential and was just coasting along. I was being too lenient, not producing results and not having great trust without the team. I knew I needed help when problems began to snowball and I was putting out fires that I knew could have been prevented if I knew what to do.

I feel much more confident in so many areas of my role. I don’t question if I should be in this position or if I am falling behind others or what people think of me so much because I can clearly see the results that I am doing well. That I am producing better results and I feel on top of things and make calculated decisions to help those around me. If you ever searched for the answers on how to lead a team, how to be a better manager, how to produce results, how to have a difficult conversation, how to engage employees, then this program is for you. Say goodbye to vague articles or blog posts and you’ll find action items, clear steps and rationale for what you will be doing and it will cover each aspect of things needed to lead a team of people, things I didn’t even think of but totally needed.


I was promoted to manager after my boss was let go and found myself in a mess knowing I lacked the skills. Due to this and other factors (being in fire-fighting mode) I was not able to lean on upper management to provide me with the training to be effective. But I knew I wanted and needed to be skilled as I work in a trillion dollar industry in a software performance testing role and was expected to manage a team across two continents! I had watched a few of Mak's videos on YouTube and found the principles she shared very helpful and she had a great energy vibe. So when she opened up NMA it made sense for me to enroll.

After taking the program I feel confident. I know how to delegate properly, manage my time and see how it impacts other tasks. I am able to better communicate with my team and upper management. More than that, I'm able to anticipate issues and as a result I am better equipped to provide what upper management requires in a shorter frame of time because my team is up to speed with the operations. I've even added on new team members who are performing at the levels they need to be! If you are considering joining the program, go for it! It's definitely worth the investment and you will learn a lot. It's a blast at the group meetings and there's lots of great discussions. As a side note, I suggest holding on to all the materials she provides as you will want to re-read and revisit it when you need some guidance.

Emmelie De La Cruz Headshot

"Working with Makeda brought structure to a fast-growing company and new team."

Throughout my career working in startups, there is usually a ton of chaos and no proper team training or intentional development of company culture. After the workshop, the team had a renewed sense of energy and a clear understanding of the company and our roles within it. If you are a small business owner with a growing team, the New Manager Accelerator is exactly what you need to develop a culture that your employees can thrive in. If you recently became a manager and want to learn how to be a leader and get your team to produce necessary outcomes, the program is also for you. You'll have every single template and resource you need to hit the ground running as you start to manage people and KPIs.


Our CEO, knew that since we were all becoming new managers, we needed Mak to give us the tools we needed to be great managers to the team members we are leading. Mak was the exact person we needed at the time, as she helped us see that everything is top down. If we wanted great team members, we needed to be great managers. Now thanks to the program our team can confidently move forward knowing we have the tools we need to be the best managers we can be.

Join the program! You won't regret it. Mak is instrumental to any team who is learning to lead their team members well. She is extremely knowledgeable and breaks the information down in ways everyone can understand. She is patient, kind, and an excellent communicator. You will be thankful you joined.

WAnt to read more candid feedback and experiences from within the Accelerator? Here are some live conversations with NMA students:


New managers, take note! If you are looking for clarity in how to excel in your new role and want to move forward and upward in your career, enroll in Makeda's New Manager Accelerator Program. If you are someone who cares about creating a lasting positive influence on the people who you lead, you know it's vital to invest in yourself - especially if you need to encourage growth in your organization.

This program stands out because it's so much more than a "how to" presentation stuffed full of philosophy. It's real, hands on and engaging. I'm usually the listener in a group and found myself instantly comfortable speaking up. Taking an active role in group training I found it easy to connect with other new managers and expand my network. I gained confidence as I explored practical ways to improve my mindset, implement more intentional conversation, and navigate my company's rapidly changing organizational structure amidst a global pandemic. If you are looking for an opportunity to start your role on solid ground, here it is.


Before NMA, I was suffering with so many interruptions in my day and a lack of drive with my team which showed up in the work they were producing. It caused me a lot of stress.

I'm happy to say that things have turned around after NMA. I was blown away at the results. I now go home at a decent hour because I have a well-oiled machine of a team that is engaged and productive. Thanks to this program, I've been able to create systems for delegating, and 1:1's which has helped me to create accountability, rapport and high-performance. If you're considering joining the program just join. Mak dotted all her "i"s and crossed every "t" in this program and you can easily apply the frameworks she provides. I am truly grateful and you will be too.


"I have gained more clarity and confidence as to how to manage difficult situations"

This program has helped me to grow professionally and it has definitely increased my visibility in the company as a result. 

I have gained more clarity and confidence as to how to manage difficult situations, which as you know from our original call was something I was nervous about. 

The practical advice, and tools you have provided have had an impact on me and my team. I could not have asked for better training. 

Maria Testimonial (1)

Working with Mak was fantastic! She really helped me to step out of my comfort zone. The clarity I gained through this program helped me to define our goals, values and team culture which has elevated team performance. I now have an entire hiring and onboarding system and process that is in more alignment with the clarity and knowledge through NMA!

- Maria, Operations Manager

Juliet Budhu

The program has helped me reflect on what I do well and not so well. Because of this I have a better understanding of my strengths and weakness and can more confidently approach difficult situations and conversations based on the frameworks provided throughout the various modules. NMA is most of all practical. There is no theory you can apply it immediately. I am confident because I know I'm an effective leader.

- Juliet, Systems Administrator Manager

StayAnn Testimonial

I really really REALLY enjoyed my time with Mak! She is a wonderful teacher and the sessions were practical, informative and interactive. My favourite part of the program was Mindset. It sounds so simple but in my opinion when you change the mind you allow for an inflow of new possibilities. I have gained A LOT of knowledge, insight and confidence. I can now get out there and work hard for and with my team! 

Stacy-Ann, Accounts Manager



When I found the New Manager Accelerator I had recently been promoted to a manager role in a call center.  I was struggling a lot particularly with my team. I was getting daily feedback that I was unapproachable, and unsure in my answers to them. I felt like I was doing a terrible job and was considering quitting before I stumbled across your resources! 

I have learned so much since taking this program. I feel a lot more confident in myself as a manager. The program has helped me to become a more effective communicator across the board. I’ve also been able to develop better relationships with my team, think more strategically and as a result, I have seen a tremendous difference in the way we work together and this has helped us improve our customer relations.

Sandra, Call Center Manager


Before working with Mak I was struggling with figuring out who I was going to be as a new manager. I had been having a lot of anxiety preparing for my first day back at work from a leave of absence along with transitioning from employee to manger.

I'm so glad I decided to get help when I saw an email from Mak about the New Manager Accelerator. My outlook has changed about leadership and management in general and I now have confidence to lead my team. And I am able to navigate my way through difficult conversations. To anyone that’s thinking about joining the program truly it’s like Nike says “just do it!” It’ll be the best decision that you make for not only yourself personally and professionally, but your team and the company you work for.

Julie Profile Pic

"This program gave me the confidence, practical tools and strategies I could apply immediately that transformed my department"

I found The New Manager Accelerator shortly after I became a first-time manger and after taking the program I have gained a whole lot of confidence in myself that I can be successful in this role. Being a manager is always something I aspired to but when the opportunity presented itself, I was a little scared. I didn't feel like a charismatic strong leader. But this program gave me the confidence, practical tools and strategies I could apply immediately that completely transformed my department. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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