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How to Build a High-Performing Team as a New Manager

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed, under-confident and strapped for time

    Here's what you'll learn:

    Working SAd

    The top 3 mistakes brand new managers make that undermines their success right out the gate


    The #1 thing that separates an ineffective manager from a great manager that gets high performance results


    The exact roadmap that helped my clients go from stressed to feeling confident, gaining the respect and trust of their team & ultimately having a team that hits the mark consistently.

    Meet the host

    I’m Mak! I have a strong belief that leaders like you change lives.

    Once upon a time, I was an overwhelmed first-time manager. Seriously, I had sweaty palms for months! I was tossed into the role of manager out of nowhere.

    New Responsibilities – Any Training = HOT MESS (ME!)

    Luckily, the company had hired a VP, who believed in leadership, professional development, and most of all, me. Under his guidance, I was able to overcome obstacles and gain the skills and confidence to successfully lead our growing department to amazing results. I went from being a screw-up manager to building an entire department from scratch. I’m dedicated to teaching you exactly how I did it, plus some. Because of my experience, I am so eager and passionate about helping you build your confidence to become an inspirational leader that people want to follow.



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