Coaching and feedback is a hard one.

Giving feedback effectively can be extremely uncomfortable. Constructive feedback is a must, but it doesn’t come naturally. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news right? I mean you’ve hired these rockstars (let’s hope) and you want them to be happy right? So when they submit something that is less than stellar well it’s tough to be able to tell them – um excuse me but this isn’t your best work.

As much as you might like to shy away from this, you can’t. Giving feedback is an essential leadership skill. 

That’s why I want to share methods of providing feedback to employees, because this isn’t the stuff we are normally trained on.

In today’s new manager training on MakTV I will be sharing with you a method that I learned that truly works! Grab your pen, paper and drink of choice because I promise you this is going to be oh so good!

Let’s dive into the methods of providing feedback to employees training video!