There is a lot of advice out there on new manager skills, essentially what the experts consider to be the skills that every manager needs to have/develop. 

I think there are some things that you don’t NEED to have. I mean no one person can possibly be good at everything right? And I don’t think one person should even try to be good at everything. That would be some intense perfectionism! Plus I believe that one of the benefits of actually being part of the team is the array of different strengths that people contribute. So wherever you might not be good, maybe someone else can lift you up. 

For example – I was NOT and still am no good at math. That’s where my supervisor Onica came in. It was not uncommon to hear me raise my head out of my office or cubicle and say hey – what’s 5×10? OKAY! I wasn’t that bad! But you get the point. So no, I do not think you need to be good at everything. BUT, with that being said there are a handful of skills that I think are necessary. 

In the handful is being able to lead or have difficult conversations. The best way I’ve heard it said is that the real conversation that you need to have with someone is the one that you would have about them with someone else. So essentially, whatever you fear to say – for whatever reasons is probably the conversation that they need to hear.

The role of a leader is to help someone reach their potential. One of the hardest but best ways to do that is to have difficult conversations when they need to be had. But this is hard! No one wants to be the bearer of bad news or be the person to tell someone something that they most likely don’t want to hear. 

But it is one of those vital new manager skills that you must work at. 

In today’s episode we will discuss:

  • How to get in tune with what you are actually uncomfortable about
  • A role play strategy that will help you to be prepared
  • The kindest way for you to start the conversation that will make life a little easier for you and for the individual 

Let’s dive in!

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