The New Manager Accelerator

Become that confident, inspirational manager who leads a thriving & motivated team!

From underconfident, doubtful and insecure to high impact leader.

Being a manager is always something I aspired to but when the opportunity presented itself, I was a little scared. I didn’t feel like a charismatic strong leader. But this program gave me the confidence, practical tools and strategies I could apply immediately that completely transformed my department. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Julie M.

From conflict adverse & ineffective communicator to being a self-assured leader who build a positive team culture.

I have a better understanding of my strengths and weakness and can more confidently approach difficult situations and conversations based on the frameworks provided throughout the various modules. NMA is most of all practical. There is no theory you can apply it immediately. I am confident because I know I’m an effective leader.

Juliet B.

From disorganized, stressed and working late nights to building a highly engaged and productive team while going home on time.

I was blown away at the results. I now go home at a decent hour because I have a well-oiled machine of a team that is engaged and productive. Thanks to this program, I’ve been able to create systems for delegating, and 1:1’s which has helped me to create accountability, rapport and high-performance.

Clauja B.

The mission

The mission of The New Manager Accelerator is to transform work culture by training managers to be high impact inspiring leaders that change lives and create client-centric, high-performing teams.


"Signing up for NMA is the best thing I have done for myself and my career."

Before NMA I lacked direction and guidance for managing a newly remote team. At first I resisted making the investment as I saw a lot of (free) resources online. Also, I wanted things that were tangible and applicable, not just theory or catchphrases. I had come to realize that, just like hiring a trainer at the gym, if you want real results, you hire an expert, and Mak is just that. She has lived through being a new manager and trained managers in her career. She is an expert in her craft and provided so much wisdom and insight alongside application and accountability. Now, I feel consistently confident in the decisions that I make for my team and how we operate. This year, I have hired additional staff and exceeded our yearly goals!! Bigger for me though has been knowing my worth in speaking with my superiors and having the confidence to advocate for my team.

What is the New Manager Accelerator?

A live group coaching program which includes an intensive online curriculum, weekly live consulting calls with Makeda, monthly roleplay sessions and access to a community of like-minded leaders working side-by-side to help you build your confidence, skillset and effectiveness so that you can achieve consistent results.

The goal of this program is to provide you with comprehensive and practical frameworks to management and leadership so that you have exactly what is required to build and maintain high-performance results.

The Details

Who is it for?

This program is for new team managers who do not feel confident and are missing the skills and training to lead their new team to successful outcomes. 

When does it start?

You can start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate access to the online curriculum, live calls and private community. 

What is included?

The program takes you step-by-step through various frameworks to help you become effective as a team leader. 

You'll learn to


LEAD by developing executive presence so that you can influence your team to follow your lead and decisions. 


Manage your time and department resources so that you can invite a work-life balance into your life, execute team projects with precision and manage the expectations of your boss. 


Be heard so that you can combat imposter syndrome and self-doubt so that you can make an impact in your role.


Communicate with assertiveness and clarity so that you can lead with authority and earn the respect and trust of your team. 

Unlimited access to the resource vault

weekly live Coaching Sessions

Accountability to improve your leadership skills

Study at the pace that works for YOU

"Join the program! You won't regret it."

Our CEO, knew that since we were all becoming new managers, we needed Mak to give us the tools & support to be great managers for the team members we are leading. Mak was the exact person we needed at the time, as she helped us see that everything is top down. If we wanted great team members, we needed to be great managers. Now thanks to the program our team can confidently move forward knowing we have the resources and frameworks we need to be the best managers we can be.  Mak is instrumental to any team who is learning to lead their team members well. She is extremely knowledgeable and breaks the information down in ways everyone can understand. She is patient, kind, and an excellent communicator. You will be thankful you joined.

— Avrielle M.

Curriculum Overview

Phase 1: The Foundations of Leadership

Learn the mindset needed to become an inspirational servant leader while growing emotional intelligence skills. Avoid new manager mistakes & uncover personal strengths to lead teams effectively.

Phase 2: Build Relationships for Influence and Trust

Learn how to run effective 1-1 and team meetings designed to build trust. Dive into 4 strategies designed to understand what motivates and drives your team members. Build supportive relationships with key stakeholders and executive leadership.

Phase 3: Create a Clear Vision & Strategy for the Team

Understand why a clearly articulated team vision is a prerequisite for success. Gain clarity on the organization’s top priorities and create key metrics for each team member that support the vision and ladders into the company’s quest. Build a team vision and define departmental values.

Phase 4: Empower Teams Through Delegation

Learn the 3-step process to delegate with purpose and achieve desired outcomes. Develop a consistent and repeatable delegation plan that reinforces team member autonomy.
Learn how not to micromanage or macromanage once a hand-off has been made.

Phase 5: Engage in Tough Conversations

Learn the blueprint to navigate tough conversations, encourage behavioural change and shift performance. Create “next-level” standards and systems to drive a culture of feedback and accountability. 

"I am able to better communicate with my team and upper management."

I was promoted to manager after my boss was let go and found myself in a mess knowing I lacked the skills. Due to this and other factors (being in fire-fighting mode) I was not able to lean on upper management to provide me with the training to be effective. But I knew I wanted and needed to be skilled as I work in a trillion dollar industry in a software performance testing role and was expected to manage a team across two continents! After taking the program I feel confident. I know how to delegate properly, manage my time and see how it impacts other tasks. I am able to better communicate with my team and upper management. More than that, I’m able to anticipate issues and as a result I am better equipped to provide what upper management requires in a shorter frame of time because my team is up to speed with the operations. I’ve even added on new team members who are performing at the levels they need to be!

If you are considering joining the program, go for it! It’s definitely worth the investment and you will learn a lot. It’s a blast at the group meetings and there’s lots of great discussions.

— Bill C.

Can I see more reviews from past NMA students?

Absolutely! You can read through past student success stories as a result of going through The New Manager Accelerator.



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