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If you’re doubting your ability as a manager, your team probably is too.

But before you come to the conclusion that you’re not cut out for this, I’ve got some good news:  that’s exactly what I’m here to help with.

It’d be nice if securing the promotion was the tough part, huh? That all of that hard work was rewarded with a, “Congrats! You got the role, and here’s the instruction manual on exactly how to excel in it!” 

But as you probably already figured out by now, it tends to feel more like you’ve been thrown in the deep end without any swimming lessons (or floaties) and no lifeguard in sight.

And while Googling and guesswork might be enough to *just* keep your head above water, to earn the respect of your team and truly bring out the best in them, you first need to show up as the kind of leader you’d want to follow.

It’s time for training that helps you become a confident, competent and inspiring leader so you start bringing the best out in your team…

…and getting recognized as an inspiring, impactful leader who’s contributing to the overall success of the organization.

“I felt like, do I even want to be a leader? Is it for me?”

I was at a crossroads, wondering if I should just go back to being the individual contributor because I felt like I would give and give, and I wasn’t getting the result or making the impact with my team that I wanted. [After NMA] I have a lot more confidence in myself. I used to internalize criticism but now I learn from it because you helped me see what’s useful and what to put aside. Your course really helped me set more of a foundation as far as boundaries so I have work life balance. So when I am there I can give my 100% because I’m now utilizing the tools I have and I can also help the leaders under me. My boss, when I had my yearly evaluation, gave me the highest that you could give, which was significantly exceeding. And I was shocked. I mean, it literally brought me to tears.

— Natalye

When you're ready to...

…get the framework + essential tools that’ll become your time-saving, guesswork-preventing new manager playbook

…understand your strengths and develop your own unique leadership style without having to pretend to be someone you’re not

…develop the skills + confidence you need to navigate any challenging decision, sticky scenario or difficult conversation with integrity

…learn to delegate effectively + turn your team into a well-oiled, highly motivated machine (who doesn’t need micromanaging!)

…receive personalized support + feedback from someone who understands your struggles + pushes you to be your best

Let’s replace the piecemealing with an actual step-by-step plan so you can start making an impact.

'Cause here's the thing..

No matter how many books you read or (brilliant 😉) YouTube videos you watch, there’s a reason you’re left with that “What am I missing??” feeling.

Effective leadership is less about what you know and more about how you think and make decisions. Because leadership is about people. Understanding what your team needs to reach their own full potential, and doing what you can to provide that support.

So since no two people are alike, and there are an infinite number of potential scenarios you’ll need to navigate during your time in this role… good luck finding a book that has all the answers!

Which is why your success as a leader is about developing the mindset of – and confidently making decisions like – a leader. Something that takes practice, not just “knowledge”.

That’s exactly why I created the…

The New Manager Accelerator

A coaching program designed to help you develop the confidence + skills you need to become an impactful, respected leader.

NMA pairs practical, theory-free training with a proven framework, personalized feedback and live group coaching so you can immediately put what you’re learning into practice in a safe, judgment-free environment.

In other words, you can stop wishing there was an instruction manual on how to do your job – because I’ve done you one better.

You'll be getting access to:

→ The intensive video course containing my 5 pillar Elevate Team Performance™ framework

→ Actionable homework to ensure you’re putting everything you’re learning into practice

→ Time-saving tools & templates designed to help you immediately implement the framework within your workplace

→ 4 months of weekly live group calls with me (Makeda) where you can bring your questions & real time challenges for tailored guidance

→ Monthly situational role-play sessions to improve your communication skills, decision-making, and adaptability

→ Group Slack Channel for support navigating sticky (urgent) situations - plus connecting + sharing with your cohort of like-minded leaders

But you probably want the nitty gritty details right? Great! Let’s dive in.

Self-Paced Online Curriculum

Your enrollment includes lifetime access to an intensive video course that teaches you my Elevate Team Performance™ framework then helps you put it into immediate practice with actionable homework.

Across 5 modules you’ll be:

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

As you work through the framework and start applying it to your role, you’ll naturally come across challenges unique to you, your team, and your workplace which is why we’re here to support you through that process.

During these calls you’ll: 

Monthly Situational Role Play Sessions

Dealing with people means no two days will ever be the same, and successful leadership is about being able to navigate anything thrown at you with integrity and understanding. And since gaining the skills + confidence to do that takes practice, we built this right into NMA.

Role Play Sessions allow you to:

Group Slack Channel

A week in new manager time can feel like a month, and when you’re trying to handle a challenging situation, a day can make all the difference. So to make sure you’ve got both practical AND emotional support between calls, you’ll be part of the Group Slack Channel – a favorite of most NMA alumni. The channel is used for:

Speaking of the Slack Channel, here’s a sneak peek at just a handful of the wins past NMA students have shared in it…

Oh, and you probably want to know what it costs.

Sure, you could keep consuming every free video, blog article + podcast you could get your hands on, only leading you to feel more overwhelmed and impostery… Maybe read every book with management in the title ‘til you feel like a walking encyclopedia for “effective management tactics” despite not having a clue how to apply this theory in practice.

Or, you could get the training you need to actually become an effective manager.

Stop making it up as you go along, and start following a proven framework that will make excelling in your role so much simpler. 

Get access to the personalized feedback, guidance and support that’ll help you understand your strengths & weaknesses so you can actually do what it takes to improve.

Let’s get you stepping into your full potential as a leader so you can make the impact you desire (without needing to work round the clock or sacrifice your health).

Your investment for The New Manager Accelerator?

Lifetime access to the intensive video course

Practical tools, templates & digital resources

4 months of weekly live group calls with me (Makeda)

4 monthly situational role-play group sessions

4 months of coaching + community support via NMA Slack Channel

One-time Payment of $2000

*Payment plan available*

There are limited seats available for the October 2022 cohort. Once these are filled, the doors will close and won’t reopen until March 2023.

From feeling defeated to getting her first bonus.

“I felt very lost. I didn’t have that support system that I was hoping to have — it was uncharted territory. Before NMA I was working 15 hours a day because half of it was me trying to figure out how to deal with something I didn’t know. I was doing Google searches, I was on YouTube, reading books that had ‘new manager’ in the title. 

I’ve gotten a lot from the program but the most impactful thing that has driven results for me on my team is definitely confidence. It was quite the challenge to get that trust from them. But the trust had to start with trusting myself and knowing that I could do the work because there were days where I felt completely defeated. And there’s no way that if I’m defeated, I can show up for my team in the way that they needed me to show up. 

…Then for the first time ever in my career, I actually got a bonus. I think it just speaks to how much I’d grown and that I’m going in the right direction. I committed to it and I took the steps that I needed to get there and for someone else to recognize that.”

— Katrina

From putting out fires to producing meaningful results.

Before working with Mak, I felt like I wasn’t helping my team reach their full potential and was just coasting along. I was being too lenient, not producing results and not having great trust without the team. I knew I needed help when problems began to snowball and I was putting out fires that I knew could have been prevented if I knew what to do. 

I feel much more confident in so many areas of my role. I don’t question if I should be in this position or if I am falling behind others or what people think of me so much because I can clearly see the results that I am doing well. That I am producing better results and I feel on top of things and make calculated decisions to help those around me. 

If you ever searched for the answers on how to lead a team, how to be a better manager, how to produce results, how to have a difficult conversation, how to engage employees, then this program is for you. Say goodbye to vague articles or blog posts and you’ll find action items, clear steps and rationale for what you will be doing and it will cover each aspect of things needed to lead a team of people, things I didn’t even think of but totally needed.

— Samantha A

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Mak

Today I’m a leadership coach for new managers and founder of The Impactful Leader – but rewind the clock and you’d find me freshly promoted into my first management position… immediately filled with overwhelm, self-doubt and terror that I’d let everyone down.

In other words, I know exactly what it’s like to be in over your head trying to navigate a role you feel completely unqualified for.  To spend your days Googling for answers, second-guessing every decision and imagining the horrible things people are probably saying about you.

And as someone who (spoiler alert!) eventually overcame those struggles and became a confident leader who scaled a 4-person team into a 25-person department, created a team culture that brought the best out in everyone, and whose leadership decisions became recognized throughout the entire company… I’m here to tell you that you have the potential to do the same. 

Still on the fence?

Here are some common questions I’m asked by other new managers before they join the program:

Great question! We’re definitely living in a time where information is so accessible, and as a fellow self-education nut, I love it and have learnt a ton this way.

That said, this piecemeal approach can lead to a ton of overwhelm as you don’t necessarily have the big picture connecting all of that information together. More importantly, it’s just information – so you might be filling your head with more theory, but still don’t know how to apply what you learn in real life, let alone handle the nuances of doing so with a team that’s full of different personalities, relationship dynamics and unique challenges.


NMA was created to not only give you the big picture “how to” framework, but also help you develop the skills & confidence you need to handle anything your role throws at you. You’re also going to get something no book, YouTube video or free resource can ever provide: personalized support. You’ll get your questions answered, be able to bring your real life challenges to coaching sessions, receive feedback on your performance and even practice what you’re learning safely in role play scenarios.

While the program will require a weekly time commitment from you, it’s designed in a way that it’ll start giving you that time (and more) BACK. Because this isn’t theory-based training. You’ll be learning a framework that you’ll immediately be able to apply in your workplace, increasing your efficiency, ability to delegate, time management skills, the list goes on.

And because you’ll be approaching your responsibilities proactively (not to mention with more confidence), you’ll go from spending most of your time putting out fires to spending it setting up the tools, systems + processes that help your team work like a well-oiled machine. Farewell micromanaging, trying to do it all yourself and pulling extra hours – hello, finishing on time and happily taking days off knowing the place won’t burn to the ground in your absence!

Tough love time (from someone who’s been in your shoes!) – Now that you’re a manager, one of your main responsibilities is to implement proactive measures. Meaning if you want things to settle down and run smoothly, it begins with you.

I’ve had quite a few NMA alumni say they wished they joined the program as soon as (or ideally, BEFORE!) they got the promotion so they could have done things right from the beginning – and avoided a lot of mistakes/playing catch up.

Long story short, if you want to succeed as a manager, you gotta take the lead.

I get it – it can feel like only super confident, extraverted people should be managers. Especially if your own managers have been that way. But I’m happy to say that’s total BS.

Introverts and quiet spoken people can make for incredible managers and inspiring leaders – you just need to learn how to do it your way. And you were chosen because of who you are and what you uniquely contribute, not despite it.  So developing your own leadership style is the key to making the most impact (and experiencing the most success!) – which is exactly what the NMA is going to help you do.

It sucks to work in a crappy environment – I’m sorry you’re having to go through that. But I want to encourage you and say that while the overall environment may be out of your control, how you show up in it is 100% up to you and by equipping yourself with the skills, mindset and confidence you need, you’re giving yourself the best chance of success.


And more importantly, leadership skills are something you can take anywhere you go. So if you’re serious about playing the long game and creating an incredible career for yourself, remember that joining NMA is about investing in yourself first and your current role second (though you may be surprised at how much of an impact you can have post-NMA, no matter how horrible the environment!)

I’ve lost count of how many conversations I’ve had with new managers who worried they’d reached the point of no return – and the ones who joined the NMA proved that their fears were unfounded. 

Whether you’re worried about the work that’s piled up, the conversations you botched or the overall impression you’ve been making, it’s completely within your power to turn things around. And from practical guidance to pep talks, with the help of the NMA, it’ll be a lot less stressful while you do so!

Yes, I do have a letter template I can provide you with that you can customize and give to your boss/employer… However, this isn’t something I give out prior to your enrollment in the program.

No, not because I’m mean 😉 In fact, it’s because I care so deeply about your success (and the success of the rest of your cohort).

See, by committing to this proactively, you’re already showing initiative which will help your boss see you’re someone worth investing which not only increases your chances they’ll say yes, but also increases their trust in and respect for you from the very beginning.

But there’s one other thing. If your decision to join NMA is “conditional” on having someone else pay for it, that already tells me that your level of commitment to this program isn’t what it needs to be for me to confidently tell you that you could be a future success story. And being a small group container with limited places, it’s important everyone in the program is 100% committed as your contribution to the group impacts everyone involved – me included!

at this point, it all boils down to this:

How important is it that you succeed in this role?

You’ve worked your butt off to come this far. You were chosen because someone saw potential in you. And you wouldn’t be reading this unless a little part of you believed you were capable of big things.

Best of all, you’ve now got the chance to do this with the training, guidance and support system you’ve been desperately searching for.

So if you’re ready to put in the work, I’m here to make sure you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Join NMA and let me help you…

Create an environment people enjoy working in while also performing at a high standard because you know how to bring the best out in them

Develop the mindset and skill set of an impactful leader so you can navigate any challenge with integrity, confidence and humility

Become a pro at setting boundaries and having difficult conversations so you earn the respect of your team

Find the sweet spot between micro and macro managing so you can delegate effectively and finally get your work/life balance back

Understand exactly what your company/employers need from you and your team so you can set and exceed their expectations



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