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Learn more about my service designed for new managers, like you, to develop the confidence and skills to become an awesome leader with thriving teams.

So what do I have to offer?

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Need a confidence boost as a new manager?

The New Manager Acclerator

Skip the decades of experience to be great. Get clear, actionable, and proven strategies that will take you from overwhelmed to a determined leader. Get rid of doubt by giving constructive criticism, delegating tasks and identifying ways to improve your team from the inside out.

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"My experience working with Mak was fantastic!"

Makeda provided my team and I the tools that helped us open up creatively and emotionally in working as a team. Working with Mak has helped us discover and stick to the points and values that truly matter to us. The experience working with her has helped create a better narrative for our team as well as our clients. 

Want to focus on team performance, metrics and goal-setting?

Build Your High-Performance Team

If you want a quicker turnaround with the same impactful results, we’ll hash it out in 5 hours. Get personalized game plan to turn your team into the dream team in this 5 hour virtual intensive focused on team results. 


"I've landed on a gold mine!"

I’m so happy to have found Mak and I feel like I’ve landed on a gold mine. I so appreciate her guidance and how she’s sharing her experience to empower managers such as myself. This program is definitely great for new and first-time managers, or those that are thinking of taking that next step. Basically anyone that is leading people!


Want a customized team appreciation & recognition plan?

The Team Appreciation Strategy

Showing appreciation to your team for the great work that they do is incredibly important. Let me help you craft the perfect team appreciation and recognition plan.


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