So… I’m super pumped to share some of my favorite team management and productivity tools with you because I’m obsessed. I love using tools that will help me do things faster and that will keep me organized – because I’m a bit OCD and I like having things in its place. That’s just the truth.


Would you prefer to read rather than watch? Not to worry! You can read the blog post below.

But first, to really help you stand out in your new role I highly recommend downloading The Ultimate Guide to Being an Effective Team Leader.  A free downloadable interactive guide to help you show up and stand out and take the right action steps.

In this blog, I’m going to be sharing 7 of the best team management apps and not to worry, I’m going to link each one for you.- Now, for me, team management is a combination of managing a team and at the same time managing yourself. 

Some of these applications are directly tied to management teams making them essential for you as a manager.

Let’s start with my first and most favorite application – Trello.

In my work plan video above, I did mention trello very briefly. And I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past but I’ve never really shown you the power and awesomeness of Trello. 

So, trello is a great project and task management tool and if you are a visual person like me, you are going to love it! I’ve always said that the way Trello is laid out complements the way you think and it goes with the way you would naturally lead a project making it very intuitive!

You may check my video here again where I created a fake board to give you quick visualization and also for you to see if it would work for your business.

The second tool that I love – Notion

Now, Notion is also very visual and it can be used for a variety of tasks such as brain dumping your ideas and housing meeting notes.

My third favorite tool – Airtable

I personally only started using airtable about a year and a half ago so there’s still some things I’m getting used to but you want to think of airtable as  google suite on steroids. Google docs are great for organizing but it’s limited in terms of filters and tags. Airtable is great because it combines a lot of the stuff that google apps do in one. 

One of the ways that I have used it is to collect feedback on the NMA program. So when someone joins NMA, one of the first things I want them to do is fill out a basic intake form that helps me understand a little bit about where they are now. Even though the course isn’t a coaching program per say – meaning it is self paced, I do want to be able to support my students however I can and the best way I can do that is get a pulse as to what their struggles are and where their confidence level is at when they enter the program. So airtable allows me to create a form that feeds the answers into a spreadsheet for me that is super easy to filter and read. 

My fourth favorite tool – Loom.

So loom is a tool that makes demonstrating what you are talking about so much easier. So if you want to show team members your screen or walk them through something – this is a fantastic tool! 

Obviously, video recordings are great tools for SOPs as well! Recording videos is way easier than writing things down. So, start using loom and document it!

My fifth favorite tool – Last Pass

I don’t know about you but remembering all the passwords in the world is not my jam. With all the letters and digits that all passwords require now it’s hard to keep track. With lastpass you can house all your passwords in one place – and you can create a separate dash for the team. 

My 6th favourite tool – Otter

So I’m a big note taker in meetings but sometimes I forget to write something down (or the way I’ve written it down) Otter is an app that transcribes speech. So when you enter the meeting, just let everyone know – hey I’m transcribing this meeting so that I can read through it later – and then hit record and it will literally transcribe everything people say. You can do that via the computer or on your phone. And it It’s really good at catching all the words so the accuracy is really good.. And what I do is actually export it and then attach it in my notion so that I can easily go back and skim through it.

The final app that I love – Boomerang.

A tool for mobile, Gmail and Outlook that allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. There’s a lot of great features to it, but what I like it for is the scheduling sent messages. Being a leader means setting the example, and so you might think of something over the weekend but you don’t want to send it to your team member because you want them to have a balanced view of work and if you’re working on the weekend then you’re setting the tone of what’s appropriate. So what this allows you to do is get the thought out when you have it, even if it is Sunday morning, but it won’t send out until Monday morning so that your team is receiving it within work hours.