Build your high-performance team

Do you want to be an impactful leader known for creating high-performing motivated teams?

Does this sound familiar?

You feel inexperienced and you’re not being taken seriously as a leader

You feel anxious about your company and or your team underperforming

You keep googling leadership tips, but your team still isn’t effective, you keep tweaking KPI’s but your team is simply not hitting their targets

You worry that your team is not making the impact they are capable of and you find yourself asking what am I not doing right?

Your frustrated going to work every day not knowing what the next problem is that’s going to hit your desk – that you’re expected to solve – without having any idea what to do.

You’ve been wondering what impact you could make on the organization if you could consistently drive results by creating an engaged and productive team.

But the lack of training and direction has resulted in a:

Chaotic environment

A team that resists your leadership

Lack of consistent results


Feeling like you are failing at the responsibility you have been given

Listen, I get it. But pssst listen up...

Creating a high-performance team doesn’t have to be a mystery. It is absolutely possible for you if you apply the exact framework I’ve used to build my own dream teams and has helped my clients build and lead their own.

You deserve to:

Have that engaged and high-performing team with a reputation for excellence…I like to call it “the dream team”

Feel competent and confident as a leader

Be respected for the decisions you make on behalf of the team

After having the privilege of teaching many first-time managers the fundamentals required to consistently create high-performing teams, I’ve noticed there are 5 mistakes most managers make before working with me.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

It’s time to stop winging it and learn exactly what it takes to consistently create high-performing teams.

You know that once you can acquire the training, understand the techniques, and have a blueprint that you can count on to be a confident, competent and trusted leader, you’ll finally be able to consistently create and lead high-performing teams.

Are you ready to start creating a high-performance team?


Build Your High-Performance Team

This 4 hour VIP virtual intensive will provide you with a clear, actionable and proven strategy to transform your team into a high-performance dream team in 5 easy steps. This session is custom tailored to you to ensure we get you the results you want!


Here's a sneak peak of what we'll cover


The Foundations



Communicating for success

Plus these amazing Bonuses!

Trello Board Toolkit

Trello Board Toolkit

Build your high-performance team workbook

Comprehensive Workbook


One-time payment of


Client Love

Maria Testimonial (1)

My experience working with Mak was fantastic! During our time together she helped me step out of my comfort zone in a big way. This program had so much useful information! It really made things "click" for me, and has given me several tools to use on my journey. It was just what I needed!

- Maria, Operations Manager

Juliet Budhu

The program has helped me reflect on what I do well and not so well. Because of this I have a better understanding of my strengths and weakness and can more confidently approach difficult situations and conversations based on the tips provided throughout the various modules. It was practical and enabled me to think through how to approach different areas with my team. I am a much better and truly effective leader after applying this framework.

- Juliet, Systems Administrator Manager

StayAnn Testimonial

I really really REALLY enjoyed my time with Mak! She is a wonderful teacher and the sessions were practical, informative and interactive. My favourite part of the program was Mindset. It sounds so simple but in my opinion when you change the mind you allow for an inflow of new possibilities. I have gained A LOT of knowledge, insight and confidence. I can now get out there and work hard for and with my team! 

Stacy-Ann, Accounts Manager

I’m Mak! I have a strong belief that leaders like you change lives.

Great to have you here 🙂 I’m a leadership and team-building coach who guides first-time managers to navigate the common challenges and pitfalls that can make or break the critical transition from individual contributor to team leader.  I’m an ardent believer that managers are the linchpin of the organization and have the power to change lives every day through their leadership and example.

With over 15 years of experience as a mentor, guide, manager and leadership coach, I am now on a mission to help more new managers infuse their personal values, personality and vibe into their leadership style so that they can better lead their teams and produce outstanding results. 

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